Sincerely, FB

Dear Cal, This is a thank you note for all you did personally for me during my stay at Guilford House. My fingers have improved to the point where I can write this letter of thanks for all the Guilford House and the entire staff did for me. As for the smoothies they were a wonderful thing to look forward to each day. I am walking and feel better each day. Thank you again. Sincerely, FB

Best, MM

To all, Many thanks for the excellent care and treatment for Jim during his recent rehab with you. Also, many thanks for your gracious hospitality! Best, MM

Sincerely, KB

Dear Cal, I want to thank you for the wonderful care Don received at the Guilford House. You, Patty and Richard were always warm, encouraging and kind. Every one of your staff, like you, seemed to go the extra mile. Don continues to slowly improve but misses his smoothies and your humor. In other words he was royally spoiled. We were lucky to move him to the Guilford House and will continue to recommend it without reservation. You put him on the road to recovery and kept a smile on his face. Thank you and thank the Guilford House. Sincerely, KB

Sincerely, EF

Cal, Some people just make life better for everyone around them. That’s how you are. Your kind heart and generous soul have blessed so many people. Don’t ever forget how much you mean. I enjoyed my stay and thank you for the newspaper every day. Had many laughs and the best smoothie ever. Sincerely, EF

Gob Bless You, MC

Dear Cal, I had a delightful visit with my daughter and Sara on Monday. Of course, we missed Joan, who had a doctor’s appointment. Many thanks for the delicious lunch you served us. It was great! You certainly do an excellent job at what you do. I can remember all the kindness shown to me when I was there and also the excellent care that was received. May god bless you, MC

From BI

Cal, Richard and Staff, We would like to express our gratitude to everyone for the great treatment Bill received during his 3 weeks at the Guilford House. Every one of the staff no matter what their capacity performed their job to the upmost. Bill is improving each day- slowly- but surely. PT is going well. Thank you Lydia and Julie. Hopefully, he will be shedding the walker soon. Again Thank you Everyone! BI

From PB

Cal, Marie, Sandy, Lisa, Alice, Amy, Linda, and all of you who cared for my dad, LT, thank you so very much for all you did to get him through a very painful, difficult time. My dad is home now, back in his apartment in Massachusetts and making slow, steady gains. He still as good and bad days, but would not be alive if it weren’t for all of you.

The outstanding level of care, concern and patience that you all gave him made the difference in his survival and we shall be forever grateful. So many of you showed us what a special staff you are. It started at the top with you, Cal, who was for more than a care-giver. Your sense of humor and little visits made my dad feel like a friend not a patient. And Marie, you gave so much and your persistence is getting him help when the doctors showed no concern, probably saved his life. I can’t remember all the names of you who took care of him, but I will always remember the incredible job you did! PB

JM review from Yelp

My mother spent almost a month at the Guilford House, recovering from heart surgery. During her entire experience there, she was treated with respect, dignity, warmth and, ultimately, affection, by virtually every member of the staff, from the wonderful owner, Cal, the manager Richard, the head nurse Sandy, and the entire nursing staff, and Lisa, the social worker. To say it was like staying at an upscale hotel is an understatement. The quality of care and concern was first rate, the room was lovely, and the atmosphere as pleasant as it could possibly be for a facility of this nature.

I would recommend it-without hesitation-to anyone in need of a rehabilitation facility. My mother came from NJ to stay there-to be near me-but also because of the Guilford House’s outstanding reputation, a reputation very well-deserved. The staff made her recovery so much more pleasant that I ever could have imagined. I am so grateful.

SW review from Yelp

Our Mom had knee surgery and wanted to rehab at her home. After complications with her recovery she needed monitoring and was recommended to stay at the The Guilford house for rehab. To say she didn’t want to go was a huge understatement! But from the minute we walked into The Guilford House to her steps out the door for home was filled with the best care possible. She was brought a rootbeer float with coffee ice cream (her favorite) in the first few minutes of arriving!

Outstanding, stellar, professional, personable, caring, creative, and patient focused are some of the attributes that stand out. The owner and director were always there and available balancing and creating their center to excellence and the staff followed in their footsteps. The meals were gourmet served in a dining room with table linens and china, my Mom gained 5 needed lbs. after only a week stay. The rehab program and the Physcial therapist were fantastic (and tough) – I couldn’t even imagine that we actually thought to try this at home!

More importantly, The Guildford House gave us our Mom back- her fiesty personality to know she can recover, get strong and go home!

Don’t even think twice at any other options- this is it!

AZ Review from Yelp

My mother chose Guilford House for 2 reasons:

1) She had visited friends who stayed there and she loved the place. Not only was it clean and attractive, but if she visited around mealtimes, the staff offered her a meal, too. My mother is a great chef and baker, and she thought the food was good.

2)The staff at Yale New Haven Hospital, where she had her heart surgery, highly recommended the place. Everyone there who had any knowledge of local rehab centers affirmed that it was tops. Whether it was her surgeon, her nurses, or the social workers who specialize in placing patients.

Everything I saw there confirmed the correctness of my mother’s decision.

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